The Relation of Spiritual Politics and the Law of Attraction

The principle of law of attraction is about the things those are thought, believed and applied will be the ones that create lives or events of lives. With or without being realized, many people actually apply the law of attraction in life. Certainly, the results are not always positive and believe it or not, they are the manifestation of thoughts. The spiritual politics and law of attraction are connected to each other. There is no boundary in the law of attraction and politics and spiritual life will be just the two examples of life aspects that can be affected by the law of attraction.

spritual politics & law of attraction

Spiritual politics and the law of attraction have the positive forces and the negative forces. It is natural to see both sides collide in the daily life as the products of the state of spiritual. Somehow, there is a blur line that will separate positivity and negativity. Both of them are the forces of energy that will push a reality to happen for better or worse. It is intriguing that many people have forced the energy push be it negative or positive into the different directions and the different aspects of life without even realizing about the forces of energy.

In the spiritual politics and the law of attraction, there have been so many examples to the application of law of attraction in many places. The easiest examples are the general elections. Some candidates might be not good enough to be elected and actually have people who wish that they are not elected. But they are somewhat elected to the particular incumbency. Some people will wonder why and don’t understand exactly how is the candidates are elected. Some people may have made it clear why the candidates are not good enough compare to the candidates they want to win the election, so why?

The reason is simple, focus. When an election will be held, many campaigns are held and the supporters of candidates will try to show the positive sides of the ones they supported and say the things they don’t like about the other candidates in election. This is where the focus and flow of energy forces can be seen. A few candidates may gather more energy forces be it positive or negative and get elected. In the spiritual politics and the law of attraction, the more focus someone is getting, the more likely they will get what they want.

This is the reality and something that actually very natural. In law of attraction, you are what you think, believe and manifest. It is about focus of the flow of forces. Every people will struggle when they go against something and the more negative thoughts, the less likely people will achieve the thing they want. The similar principle will be applied in spiritual politics and the law of attraction. Always try to maintain the spiritual force inside by meditating and focus on things really wanted to be done. Try to think or imagine and then believe in it and try to reach it. For more information regarding the law of attraction, please check this link - art of love series arielle ford.

Politics of Love For Woman (Part 2): Understanding The Drama Method

caesar and cleopatra

When this word is mentioned, initially it sounds weird for sure since what runs in people’s mind is a kind of process or procedure and you wonder how it is connected to your relationship. Worry not for this program is put in place to help you in exercising power over your man to make him stick to you literary. It falls from the work of a recognized love expert who mentioned perfect in putting things back in shape even while in the worst conditions. His admirable experience on this field is subjective to the numerous success outcomes in different relationships.

Sometimes back, the author was in a relationship strife with his girlfriend after which she decided to leave him. The situation was torturing and made him find out the best way as a relationship expert to deal with it, which luckily, it worked out well to regain the same. This was not only for him; other people followed his footsteps and succeeded whenever they had relationships problems!

It was also tested on several women on the verge of hopelessness caused by their relationship status with their dream persons and it worked! One lady who was a victim of rejection from men of her choice started attracting attention. The drama method also worked for those women whom their husbands had long lost interest in them turning things overnight and rejuvenating the sense of attraction.

Considering the human psychology, the mind of human seeks such an experience with a feel good factor in a relationship triggering the adrenaline into the human system hence increasing one’s emotions. For the drama method review to work, it only calls for three simple steps and leaves any man to keep dreaming about you or follow you like a crazy lover.

These includes raising his emotional temperature whenever he is around you; be assured that the high intensity will act in a way they will get yours hence making him feel that you are one person he needs to be with for his entire life since no other woman makes him feel so.

Expose him to various types of emotions. Let him experience with a variety of emotions so that his own system which cannot generate such feelings inside gets addicted to the high you give him; hence, he will become totally obsessed with you.

When around him, make sure he is emotionally safe and he will be convinced both logically and emotionally that nothing feels a good as being near you. He will end up getting addicted to your company and a commitment is the next thing that will come to his mind. A wise woman plays around with the man’s emotions to get the desired attention and without fear of failing, they land them in an obsession kind of situation. This makes him to be glued to you as long as possible.

Politics of Love For Woman (Part 1): Find out What Makes Him Fall in Love

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You might find your date so perfect for you and start developing an in build affection that leaves you wondering if they really felt the same. Most ladies or girls find themselves trying to prove what a great catch they are by getting sweeter, funnier and smatter. All this to try and trap a man to their side! Do you think by ingratiating yourself in his way is a natural thing to do? You are misleading your senses since it is the worst thing to do. Love is not a reasonable emotion and trying the nice things will not take you miles ahead but the following:

1. Don’t give a man more than he gives you.  The simple math of love and inspiring a man to fall in love with you forever is being able to receive love. We fall in the trap of giving much thinking “how to make him fall in love with me” that by doing that will draw that man closer but in reality, he is pushed further than you can expect. This is because men feel so insecure of not being in a position of reciprocating. More still, when you go out of your own line, it makes him think of you as a close friend or a mother instead of getting emotionally attached.

2. Don’t give him gifts, make him dinner or pay for his dates; it might sound unfair but it’s good to know that whoever gets to pay is the difference in his mind between a friend and a date. In case he complains about not having money, it is your responsibility to show him it is none of your business what he does but he has to foot the bill. However, make sure he does not feel betrayed and show interest of his company, picnic, romance and everything hence pulling him closer.

3. Don’t over-function. This is doing more than your part or fair share and stepping up to rescue a man simply because you can do a better job. This a positive attitude arriving from your masculine energy; this becomes aggressiveness to him hence unattractive, and can lead to separation.

4. Be witty always:  Apart from the bit of charisma in everyone, the witty side always works and to be better served in an affair, take advantage of it. It might be hard at time, but ensure you are around your crush. This does not mean you be tongue tied; have a talk spiced with some sort of humor and it will help build confidence in you.

5. Initiate physical contact:  A good number of guys are pulled by physical touch and it makes a super highway to developing intimacy. Ladies who look forward to winning men sooner take advantage of the physical contact and the play includes touching his arm lightly while laughing at his jokes, or slapping his knees playfully as he says something funny and holding his hand while explaining something. When you get to practice the above tips among few others, you have the peaceful charm that will make him fall in love with you.

How a Business Coach Can Help You Reduce Taxes

One of the most critical policies a leader can make is concerning taxes. Undoubtedly, tax is often a hot debatable topic by all parties. One party believes tax should be progressive, the other party believes it should be done away with altogether.

The real important question is how does it affect the business owner. Especially for small business that are a one-man operation, hiring an accountant is often out of the budget. Without good economic know how though, a business owner could end up paying more than he should.

How can an owner save money by paying less taxes? Of course, the methods that you choose must be a good one that complies with State Federal Tax Law. The thought alone is often enough to make owners put away the paperwork, so turning to a professional consultant could be the answer.

There is more than one way to be smart at running a business. You can hire an expert, a consultant or if you have the time, you can do it yourself. Doing it yourself saves you money that you can invest more into your business growth.

One of the most popular business coaches is Robert Kiyosaki. He has written many books on how to start your own business. The books also include specific tips on how to reduce taxes legally by using smart business entities.

If you want more detailed and personal support, hiring a business coach is a good option. This is much more expensive than reading a book or guide, but you get the assurance that your specific case study is properly handled. You can also hire or recruit a tax accountant specifically for the job of figuring out how you can reduce the amount you have to pay.

It’s important you take your time to do research properly. If you do it right, you can save a large amount of money in taxes. This money can be spent on better use, such as reinvesting into your business. You can even invest in your own personal development for higher productivity.

If you are looking for business coaching, you can take a look at this site about Eben Pagan Accelerate review. It’s one of the most popular programs for intensive high end business coaching. You will learn not only how to reduce costs, but also other important business principles and techniques.

Properly registering your business entity and paying the taxes according to State Law is compulsory. If you are a small business owner, make sure this does not skip your attention. If you do, you might come up against a legal issue later down the road.

Always be responsible and educated on your choices.

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